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Welcome. I’m glad you took the time to visit my public whiteboard!  It will, with any luck whatsover, be maintained in the spirit of Edward R. Murrow’s great quote:

“Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar.”

There are, of course, some very wise people who occasionally visit the bar… as well as some wise-asses who entertain or annoy.  We will denigrate some and celebrate the rest, especially the ones who, by accident or design, contribute the occasional (and perpetually pursued) good idea.

Here We Are…

George Town, Cayman Islands

George Town, Cayman Islands

We have completed our first week in the Cayman Islands.  It was quite a journey, and I sure don’t mean the plane ride.  If only all the paperwork and other hassles could have gone as smoothly as a flight to the Caribbean.  Fortunately, we were schooled long ago on the concept of “island time” and the necessity to pack as much patience as sunscreen.

Sharry’s new job is going to be a great adventure.  It’s not a major clinic like the place she just left, and it’s not a brand new, ground floor situation.  It’s on its feet, it’s growing, and it’s going to benefit from her experience and perspective as their first American doc. She brings a farm girl work ethic and Midwestern pleasantries that blend perfectly with a patient base that is already globally diverse after just a few days on the job.

Her fairly smooth transition into the new job (and my productive week of getting the household set up) will allow me to start looking for employment over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, when I’m not writing for somebody else, I hope to crank out a few notes about our new chapter here.

And yes, as promised, this is where friends and family can check up on when our guest rooms are booked and when they’re available!  You know we’re serious about wanting to help you enjoy a great Cayman getaway.  You pay for the air fare, maybe pick up dinner once or twice, and we’ll do the rest with breakfast, lunch, beach time, island drives and accommodations worthy of a travel brochure.  So get your passport updated and check back here occasionally as we try to entice you with News at 19 Degrees (lattitude).