Nice summary of a Cayman vacation

There’s certainly no lack of articles about what it’s like to take a vacation in the Cayman Islands, but an article just published in the Manchester Evening News has many of the highlights.  It also includes a mention of the nighttime bioluminescence tours operated by Tom and Lisha Watling of Cayman Kayaks.  Ross was a big fan when he and Chelsea joined us on one of those late night excursions.  Consider this another shameless reminder to our friends that the guest rooms are starting to book for next winter!

Not a dry heat… at all

The pull of Tropical Storm Bill has finally dragged away the clouds, but the first sunny day of June comes at a sticky price.  Yep, the humidity is 84% (thanks, monsoons!) with a temperature of 88, giving us a Heat Index of 108… the first of what will be many +100 days.

Got gills?!

Heat Index Table

Patrick Kreitlow – Dispatches from Grand Cayman and Lake Wissota