Random Weather Notes

Random weather notes from your junior Caribbean meteorologist:

1) The weather moves from east to west in this part of the globe (NE trades vs. westerlies) which was really weird getting used to, at first.trade-winds-kitesurf-guarantee-world-view

2) The thunder is much, much louder here as there’s nothing to absorb the sound, just lots of open ocean.

3) We get lots of very isolated showers, like a few square blocks, as you can see!

IMG_4064IMG_4065IMG_4068Massive downpours for 10 minutes; 20 minutes later, everything is bone dry, hot and steamy again.

IMG_4570Last, but not least, this is a rare sight on my Jeep dashboard: a temperature in the 20′s!  I was beginning to think it was stuck between 30-34 degrees!


Cayman Wildlife – Part 1

IMG_3966 IMG_3965Sure, it looks like a couple of random shots out our window.  Look a little closer (after clicking on each photo to bring up a larger image) and you’ll see a couple of the local feather residents: a pair of Grand Cayman Parrots.  They’re a subspecies of the Cuban Parrot but are only found on this island.  (Same goes for the Ching Ching, the subject of a future post about how the birds in our neighborhood are not your typical blackbirds.)

If you’d like to learn a little more, the National Trust has some info.

Sharry on the Radio

Last week, Sharry’s arrival at TrinCay was announced in a newspaper ad.  Today she made her first radio appearance.  She was supposed to be the 8:00am guest on Cayman Country’s morning show.  Instead, she was the 8:09 guest!  She flew out of bed at 6:00am to tend to an urgent matter at the hospital which wrapped up in time for her to make it to the radio station after a small delay.  (The previous guests didn’t seem to mind a little extra free advertising!)  The interview was done in two segments, 7 and 14 minutes respectively, which was recorded off the Rooster 101.9 website.  As you can hear, she’s always pleasant and professional and willing to credit all those long mornings and evenings of milking cows for her tireless work ethic.  (Click below to open .m4a audio link in separate window.)

Click to Hear: SharryRadio1 (7 min.)

Click to Hear: SharryRadio2 (14 min.)

TrinCay newspaper ad announcing Sharry's arrival on the island - April 16, 2014

TrinCay newspaper ad announcing Sharry’s arrival on the island – April 16, 2014

Clinic Sweet Clinic…

Week 3 in Cayman, and Sharry’s new office is nearly ready for occupancy.

New office?  I know… you were thinking she already HAS an office.  What’s with the “new office?”

Here’s where she is currently located: Camana Bay, a shiny, new, mixed use development a couple miles north of downtown George Town. IMG_3124 IMG_3633And here’s where she eventually be practicing: the Cayman Clinic building located within spitting distance of the runway of the George Town airport.  IMG_3871IMG_3873IMG_3874As you can see, there’s some remodeling going on.

This story should fill in the gaps.  Remember when we visited in January, and Sharry’s prospective partner, Howard, asked if she could start in April instead of May?  This is the reason why.  This little clinic building is where another Ob/Gyn had been practicing before he took a new job in South Africa.  Howard purchased the clinic and many of those patients have been saturating his schedule ever since.  While there’s room at Camana Bay for Sharry to practice, this is also a great opportunity for her to establish herself at a place that is already familiar to many of her future patients while Howard stays primarily at the main TrinCay clinic.  Even better, it’s only a few blocks from the George Town hospital.  That will save her lots of time as opposed to the 15 minutes it would take to drive between the hospital and Camana Bay.  Remember, babies don’t care if you’re stuck in traffic!

And so the remodeling and purchasing of new equipment is nearly complete.  Today I took these “Before” pictures that will someday be as startling as those 1995 pics we’d been looking back at before we left Chippewa Falls two weeks ago.

IMG_3667 IMG_3666I’m impressed with how excited Sharry is to have her own place to do the bulk of her practice.  She and Howard have been working well together to make sure that both locations are outfitted to their satisfaction for whenever they have to be in one place or the other.

With the remodeling still incomplete, Sharry has had some pretty quiet clinic days.  But we all know this is a very temporary thing, so we’re enjoying the extra time to check out the neighborhood until the future TrinCay Cayman Clinic is fully operational.

Here We Are…

George Town, Cayman Islands

George Town, Cayman Islands

We have completed our first week in the Cayman Islands.  It was quite a journey, and I sure don’t mean the plane ride.  If only all the paperwork and other hassles could have gone as smoothly as a flight to the Caribbean.  Fortunately, we were schooled long ago on the concept of “island time” and the necessity to pack as much patience as sunscreen.

Sharry’s new job is going to be a great adventure.  It’s not a major clinic like the place she just left, and it’s not a brand new, ground floor situation.  It’s on its feet, it’s growing, and it’s going to benefit from her experience and perspective as their first American doc. She brings a farm girl work ethic and Midwestern pleasantries that blend perfectly with a patient base that is already globally diverse after just a few days on the job.

Her fairly smooth transition into the new job (and my productive week of getting the household set up) will allow me to start looking for employment over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, when I’m not writing for somebody else, I hope to crank out a few notes about our new chapter here.

And yes, as promised, this is where friends and family can check up on when our guest rooms are booked and when they’re available!  You know we’re serious about wanting to help you enjoy a great Cayman getaway.  You pay for the air fare, maybe pick up dinner once or twice, and we’ll do the rest with breakfast, lunch, beach time, island drives and accommodations worthy of a travel brochure.  So get your passport updated and check back here occasionally as we try to entice you with News at 19 Degrees (lattitude).