Low Oil Prices… Do NOT Last

One of the things I enjoyed most about being a legislator was chairing a special study committee on next generation biofuels. We should be so much further along on cutting reliance on fossil fuels; and Wisconsin based technology could be creating many more jobs. But, same as now, we hear “gas is cheap” and I realize we are condemned to repeat history once more… so, let’s at least get a chuckle out of it…

LowGasPrices LowGasPrices

Island Banking: My Two Cents on Basic Coin Service

How to handle a full change jar on an island:

Step #1 – Gather all of your loose change

Step 1-Gather Loose ChangeStep #2 – Place change in a convenient container so the nice people at the bank can take it to their coin sorting machine.Step 2-Put Change in Convenient ContainerStep #3 – Wait in a LONG line because there is NEVER a short line at the bank.  When finally reaching the front of the line, be told the bank does not have a coin sorting machine.

Translation: We have a coin sorting machine, but not for little customers like you.

Instead, receive a fistful of bags and be instructed to return after sorting your own damn coins. Step 3-Receive Useless BagsStep #4 – Sort your own damn coins, or… Step 4-Sort Your Own ChangeAlternative step: Look up your bank’s information and realize that, in their Cayman Islands branches alone, they have $1.9 BILLION in customer deposits!  Daydream about filling the bags with unsorted coins and using them to smack whichever VP decided they don’t have enough money to buy a coin sorting machine in order to provide this basic banking service to their customers. Or-Fill with unsorted change and daydream of smacking a bank VPDisclaimer: Not an actual threat of violence.  Daydreams such as these prevent actual acts of violence against bank vice presidents, whether deserved or not.

(Hint: It is deserved and no jury would convict me.  They’ve all had to wait in bank lines, they all have change jars, and they’ve all dreamed of putting a sockful of nickels to use on some suit who decided to cut corners in customer service!)

Holiday Handyman

Jeff to the RescueHelpful Hint for potential ex-pats: if you’re considering a move overseas but keeping your house, it’s a good idea to make friends with someone who is obscenely talented with all things mechanical.  Thanks, Jeff, for spending your New Year’s Day buying and replacing our hot water heater.  Now, get back to treating our place like the relaxing cabin you and Kris deserve!